Episode 1: How to be the rockstar of your industry – ft. Blue Rock Group.

Our first episode, we meet the Hustlers, give a quick introduction and rundown of what we are about, and have an amazing interview with Pete from Blue Rock Group.

Jess Kerr – Social Media pro who can teach many others how to amass a huge and engaged following even in a niche service.

Russ (aka the Russtler) Macumber – a digital marketing pro who has been helping creative small businesses for over 10 years hone their digital marketing and sales processes to make their business fly.

Anthony Cribbes – who has over 10 years in business experience working with both small business all the way to some of the biggest companies in Australia (and the entire planet for that).

Our special guest this episode is Peter Lalor founder and General Managing Director of the Blue Rock, Australia’s coolest business firm who have helped some of the biggest creatives become huge successes. Pete has also started the 100 Burgers group, a business that partners with Hospitality businesses, helping them get their business side of things humming along. Pete tells us his journey and shares some great insights along the way to help you get your business crushing it at every turn. This is an unbelievable interview that has too much in it for us to describe in words…you’re better of just listening to it to understand what we mean.

Blue Rock Group: https://www.thebluerock.com.au/

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