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The Podcast dedicated to inspiring those hustling in the creative industry.

Latest Episodes

Episode 9: How to add experiential into your marketing mix – Ft. Mark from TKM9

You may not know this episode’s guest by name, but you will have experienced his work. 

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Episode 8: How to turn wine-time into a thriving business – Ft. Lucy from Mentorloop

So have you ever wondered if it is ever possible to take a casual conversation between you and a friend and turn it in to a business that is worth over $1M?

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Episode 7: How to find your red thread with Boston // Volume Two.

We are back again with Boston as we continue on his journey where we left in the last episode.

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Episode 6: How to get inspired with Boston // Volume One.

Have you ever sat down with someone to hear their story…then never wanted that story to finish up? Well welcome to our time with Boston Szephora…or the Boss-ton train as we dubbed him.

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Episode 5: How to sell when you hate selling // Volume One.

Meet Russ, Russ is a dentist so we can’t show you his face on tele….ok so we’re lying. Russ isn’t a dentist but he is one of our hosts and he is a bit of a Sales master.

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Episode 4: How to go from aspiring creative to successful business owner – Ft. Chris Garbacz CEO of Studio Ninja

In our latest episode we chat to Chris, Founder and CEO of Studio Ninja, a CRM for photographers. Chris has successfully made the transition from creative talent to business owner, serial entrepreneur and now a software startup founder.

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Meet The Hustlers


Jessica Anne Kerr

Social Media Legend | Host

Meet the lady who has not only  clocked the Social Media Game, but did it in a canter (mixing my metaphores there). Jess has over 10k followers on her Instagram, which is the highest of any wedding celebrant in Australia!

Each week, Jess shares her tips on how you too can crush it on Social Media to help your business BOOM!


Anthony Cribbes

Business Junkie | Host

When he's not hogging the mic on the Podcast, this guy is the living embodiment of the word 'Hustle'. He currently runs 4 small businesses and has a background in business consulting and product management.

He loves building and creating businesses more than he loves his footy team.. and THAT'S ALOT!


Russ Macumber

digital grasshopper | Host

AKA 'the Russ-ler' ...ok to be fair to him, we gave him that nickname, he's not the kind of self conceded arse who would self assign his own wanky moniker!

Russ is a digital guru, he knows more about Google stuffs than just about anyone else and he's more than willing to share it all with you.


Luke Birch

golden headphone wearer | producer

AKA 'The Golden Headphones' - our dedicated and committed Producer who each episode not only ensures we keep on track, but makes sure that our babble is actually coherent. 

Every Batman needs an Alfred and Luke is that to The Hustle Inspired.. plus, he is the only tech person that we knew and trusted!

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