Episode 3: How to become Insta-inspired -The Social Media Episode // Volume One.

In this episode we finally unleash the Social Media beast! We bring our Instagram legend Jess to the mic as she shares her advice on how to build a successful and engaged following on Social Media.

Instagram is quickly becoming a invaluable tool in the business world to help grow your audience and stretch your demographic. Using something as simple as a picture, you can engage your audience and begin conversations with potential clients and customers.

  • There are 15 million registered businesses using Instagram business profiles.
  • Instagram has 1 million monthly active advertisers—up from just 200,000 in March 2016.
  • 60% of the top brands on Instagram use the same filter for every post.
  • In March 2017, over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram ad.
  • 60% of users say that they have learned about a product or service on the platform.

In the first part of a multi part series, Jess talks through some of the common mistakes that she seems people make and some of the misnomers that people can have about Social Media and making it work for you.

Oh – Russ and Cribbes also get their Travelling Wilbury’s on in a moment that should never be repeated on any sort of media again… and just how old is Cribbes really?!! Comment your thoughts below!

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