Episode 5: How to sell when you hate selling // Volume One.

Meet Russ, Russ is a dentist so we can’t show you his face on tele….ok so we’re lying. Russ isn’t a dentist but he is one of our hosts and he is a bit of a Sales master.

In episode 5 we put his knowledge to the test, why? Well because over the last 10 years Russ has actually worked with creatives to help them work on and refine their Sales process.

Let’s face it, as Creatives, selling isn’t normally our forte nor is it something that we find that comfortable. We often prefer our body of work to do that for us. Well lucky for you all, as Russ explains, selling isn’t about cheesy lines and false, veiled promises. It’s just simply having a bit of a structure to your conversations. Russ’ advice has helped countless businesses understand selling better and become a profitable business…and isn’t that the goal, to be able to support ourselves through our passions.

Listen in, so much great advice to come your way.

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