Episode 8: How to turn wine-time into a thriving business – Ft. Lucy from Mentorloop

So have you ever wondered if it is ever possible to take a casual conversation between you and a friend and turn it in to a business that is worth over $1M?

Well that’s exactly what our guest Lucy Lloyd did with her friend and now business partner Heidi as together they created Mentor Loop – A business that is the first of it’s kind, helping organisations match mentors and mentees to deliver real tangible benefits.

In our session Lucy gives us great insight in what it takes to grow a business from idea to the big end of town. How her and Heidi, despite all the challenges they’ve faced as a business, have been able to remain the best of friends..something all us creatives can relate to.

We also get great insights to those who are looking for mentoring that will ensure you get the most out of it. Another ep that just flew on by, so listen in.

Oh, and we got a sponsor, so listen out for the great deal offered by Studio Ninja to our fellow hustlers.

Check out more of Mentorloop: https://mentorloop.com/

Studio Ninja: http://www.studioninja.co/

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