Episode 9: How to add experiential into your marketing mix – Ft. Mark from TKM9

You may not know this episode’s guest by name, but you will have experienced his work. 
Mark Hodgens, co-founder and CEO of the experiential marketing firm TKM9, has been featured on commercial TV shows such as Sunrise and Kochie’s Business Builders.
What is experiential marketing?
Well if you asked us that question 10 years ago we would have mumbled something about branded balloons, staff in branded t-shirts, following you around with notepads trying to grab your details in exchange for a gift or experience of some sort.
Mark had years of tech nous and international experience working within advertising agencies, was based in London in 2008, and saw an opportunity to bring experiential into the 21st century digital age via technology.
He’s a super interesting dude with a very cool story and some great insights into how you can use experiential in your own marketing mix!
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Website: https://tkm9.com/

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